Copan, OK – October 9th to 14th, 2016

After having spent two months driving around there have been a number of things that have broken. I had side swiped the Awning the first week and it’s not functioning correctly. A couple of weeks in the wheel cover blew off as I was going down the road. Then as I was leaving Colorado the black water valve got stuck open. Plus the locking mechanism for the shower doors had shaken loose and the doors slammed shut going down the road damaging the handles. Finally, when I stopped in Copan and tried to put out the bedroom slide it just stopped. Wouldn’t budge. Fortunately, I had scheduled to take the trailer in. Which is why I am back in Oklahoma.

Hunter RV in Sapulpa has done a good job for me. They fixed everything except the awning under warranty. They had to order parts for it and I needed to leave for the next leg of my journey to New Orleans before the parts come in. Which means in a couple of weeks I’ll be heading back to Oklahoma to get it fixed.

When I dropped off the trailer I stopped to visit my uncle Doug in Tulsa. He gave me a very good analogy to this first couple of months of travel. He said to look at it as the navy does when a ship first goes out to sea where they call it the shakedown cruise. Because how much everything shakes around things will break. So hopefully the number of things that go wrong will slow down the longer I’m on the road.

Meanwhile I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with my sister and nephews. Conner came and stayed at the trailer one night.


Then we went to a corn maze just south of Bartlesville. OK maybe it wasn’t a corn maze. I think it was made out of Millet because there were no corn stalks but I’m not sure. They had pumpkins and we got to shoot them out of a slingshot.

20161009_140046 20161009_131835 20161009_140517 20161009_142944 20161009_132224

I took a picture of the map so we wouldn’t get lost. It also allowed me to take short cuts and scare my nephews.

Most of the time was getting caught up on laundry and getting ready for the next journey down the road. I can go about a month before I have to do laundry. I also went and saw two movies with my sister and nephews while I was in Bartlesville.

The Magnificent Seven

and Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children

I used to go see movies all the time. That’s something which has dropped down the priority list with all that’s gone on the past two years.

Washington Cove at Copan lake will be closing October 31st. So this is probably my last stop in Oklahoma with the Trailer until spring.


Hooked up on Friday and headed to Mount Pleasant, Texas.

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