Daingerfield, TX – Taylor Family Cemetery – October 15th & 16th, 2016

When I left Tulsa with my trailer I had just chosen the KOA which was closest on my mapped out trail to New Orleans and fit in my 250 mile range. That was in Mount Pleasant, TX. I called my dad that night and he said are you going to go visit the family graves?

I hadn’t realized that I was only 20 miles from Daingerfield. About 10 years ago I had found records of my great great grandfather Amon. With some further research I found out about this family grave near Daingerfield.


I had tried to use google maps to pinpoint where it was several years ago but couldn’t determine the exact spot.

So I followed the instructions and tried to find the cemetery. I spent probably 20 to 30 minutes driving around without any luck. I finally stopped and asked a guy who was out working near the first turn off and he said that he owned the property it was on. I had been afraid this whole time that it was on private property and that I’d have to hike back into woods and it wouldn’t be accessible. But he drove me there. I just hadn’t gone far enough up the road.

The instructions are from highway 259 near Rock Branch go West on CR 3204 for .6 miles. Then turn right on CR 3209 for one mile which bends left and then back right. When you reach CR 3211 turn right and go .4 miles and the cemetery is on the right past a little lake.

I was fortunate that I didn’t get shot wandering around the Texas countryside without the neighbors knowing what I was doing there.

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The two upright tombstones look like they are about to fall over. The guy who’s land it is didn’t even know that there were 6 graves there.  He only knew about the two upright tombstones. There are 4 others that lie on the ground that were partially or almost full covered over. He said he had sprayed round up on the graves at one point but the sight is in desperate need of some attention. Maybe sometime this winter or next spring I’ll go over and clean it up. There is also one small tombstone that has no markings on it. Don’t know if this is a infant that passed away. Additionally, there is a metal placard sticking out of the ground which looks like it might mark another grave but I couldn’t read anything on it. So there are 6 – 8 graves here in the Texas countryside.

I also got the opportunity to listen to some great country music. The Rankin twins were playing the local town square. When I went out for dinner I saw a big spotlight in the sky and followed it down to where they were playing.

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I’m a sucker for live music no matter what the genre is.

This section also confirmed something about some decisions I had made to go with a bumper pull trailer. I think if I had a 5th wheel I would have taken out a bridge in Daingerfield. The bumper pull trailer doesn’t sit as high above the road as a 5th wheel would. The bridge around Daingerfield is only about 12 feet high. They have a warning light and if I had been above that it would have gone off but I’m glad it’s not something I have to worry much about.

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