Raton, NM August 12th – 14th

So as I was driving from Guymon to Raton I called my Dad to tell him where I was going. He said “Are you going to the races?” Then my uncle called me because I said I was going to Angel Fire where he had spent a couple of months a few summers ago. When I told him that I redirected to Raton he asked if I was going to the races. Apparently, my uncle Leo used to drive up from Borger, Texas regularly to go to the races in Raton. I found out that the race track closed in 1992. Here is a picture of it’s current state.


From what I’ve read they’ve tried to reopen the track a few times but haven’t been successful. You can read more about the history here.

La Mesa Park History

Knowing about the race track gives some insight into all of the old motels that are in Raton. I love the old signs. Guess that was something I picked up on my Route 66 trip last year.

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Some of the Motels are still open but most have long since closed. The Colt had bays for you to park your car similar to the Blue Swallow in Tucumcari, NM. Which is the only other place I’ve seen that in the old motels.

I haven’t felt very good most of the time I was here. Beginning to wonder if Altitude is really giving me more fits than I’ve thought it was. I had a headache all day Friday.

Finally on Saturday I started to feel better so I went to Capulin volcano and hiked around it some. Only made it a 3rd of the way to the top but considering it’s about a 1,000 foot incline and a mile around I’m OK with that. Between that and the 3/4 mile hike through the caverns earlier in the week I’m getting more exercise than I have been.

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It was a beautiful day so I took the long way home.


Strangely enough Supertramp came on the radio. I finished off last night going to the Raton theater and seeing Suicide Squad.  I really enjoyed the movie. Interesting watching a 3D movie in this old movie house.


I also saw the Southwest Chief at the local train station.


The Southwest Chief runs daily from Chicago to Los Angeles. One of the other things I want to do is to ride some of the Amtrak trains runs. The Southwest Chief and the California Zephyr are on the tops of that list. Apparently, there used to be a Harvey House here too but couldn’t see any traces of it at the current train station.

The landscape here around Raton and Trinidad is beautiful. I’m sure I’ll stop in here a few more times as I trek across the country.  Although I may need to purchase a Oxygen concentrator.

Tomorrow I pack up and head back to Denver. At some point I want to drive down Colfax and take pictures of all the old motel signs. That is before they tear them all down.

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