Denver – August 15th to 19th

Well this was the first time back to Denver in a month since I sold my house.  I pulled my new home up to the KOA in Central City.  On the drive this morning it was a pleasure to see the mountains and everything had a fresh look and a distinct beauty to it.  A new perspective definitely helps.2016-08-19 09.41.10

It was a busy week. I met with all of my clients to see where we stand and what I need to get done. Explaining that I’ve sold my house and how I plan to be on the road. The major question is whom they can get ahold of if they need hands on with a problem while I’m out of town.  I have a lot to do but given that I’m going to be back in Denver after Labor day I think I can address everything.

I went to Rotary on Tuesday. Going forward I’m still on the board of the foundation but will no longer be president. I have less than a year left on the foundation’s board. Plus the major things I wanted to get done with the foundation I think have been addressed. I’ve done a lot over the last 6 years for Rotary. 1 year as community service chair, 3 years as president of the club, and the past two years as president of the foundation. But given everything in the past couple of years with my health it’s time to refocus and I have that opportunity. It was also nice to see the students who have taken advantage of the foundations generosity by sending them to RYLA, Young RYLA, and the World Affairs seminar.

2016-08-16 12.58.35

Very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given with Rotary.  My membership is paid through the end of the year and I plan to stay involved for years to come.

I also spent 12 hours meeting with 4 friends of mine during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I was nice getting their perspective on things.  I have awesome friends and they have given me a lot to think about.

This stop was mostly about business and retrieving stuff from storage. Not much exciting to share.  The most exciting things that happened didn’t have to do with the visit.

Because when I first got to Central City I hooked up the water.  What I had forgotten was that I had stopped and used the rest room during the drive up and had left the water turned on in the bathroom.  After getting everything hooked up and sitting down for a bit I finally needed to use the facilities.  I had completely filled up the grey water tank because the water was on.  It was starting to fill up the shower pan but I found out before there was any damage. I went out and hooked up the sewer hose and drained the system. Apologized to my new neighbors and they took pity on my and invited me over for dinner. They were cooking chili out on a fire outside.

But this wasn’t the first little incident on my journeys. I seem to have lost something on every stop. The first stop in Waynoka some guys asked to borrow my hose to wash off their ATV’s.  I unhooked the hose and gave it to them. They gave it back but I forgot to unhook my water filter.

Second stop in Guymon to hook up my cellular internet antennae it connects directly to the battery. So when I left I strapped down the battery box top and took off. Apparently, I didn’t do a very good job. Somewhere between Guymon and Raton there’s a battery box top and strap along the highway.

In Denver I thought I’d be smart and take off my trailer hitch because I’d been told they sometimes disappear. Well I didn’t realize that there was a bushing inside to reduce the hitch size from 2 1/2″ to 2″. That got lost driving around Denver.

In all my knowledge has increased and my pocketbook has decrease to the tune of $100.

I will add that one thing I’m realizing is that by only being in areas for a  short amount of time before you pack up your house and move forces you to try and make the best utilization of your time.

2016-08-15 20.07.50

PS: One tip, the Squatch store at the exit to Central City has a large selection of unique soda pops. I was able to pick up a 4 pack of Bundaberg Root Beer and this gem.

2016-08-19 09.36.54

2 thoughts on “Denver – August 15th to 19th

  1. Terri says:

    Hopefully, losing things will be in the past. Or maybe you just want to leave something at every stop to mark your passing. 😉

  2. Carl Gaspar says:

    HI Scott,

    Not certain how I stumbled into this but glad I did. I recall visiting with you at Pantera and was curious if you ever followed through and bought the RV. Did you do the trailer? I will follow this. Need to determine the best way-through FB or just this blog. I often think how fun it would be to hit the road in a comfortable RV with no structured plan.

    Take care and travel safe,

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