NOLA Day 6 after brunch – October 23rd, 2016

OK, this is the last entry for New Orleans.  I really do love this city.  Although as I’ve alluded to this is a city that runs on straight hard cash.  There are guys out hustling and bustling to make a dollar any way they can.

The main one on Bourbon street is the guy who comes up to you and says. “I know where you got your shoes.” He does a quick and dirty shine on them and then says “You got your shoes on Bourbon street.”  Asking to be paid $10. I only had a $20 and was a little irritated that he didn’t have change.  But he eventually came running down the street after me with the appropriate change because he saw how pissed off I was.  Which surprised me.  Maybe there is some ethics with conmen but I doubt it.

I also ran across another group of guys who were selling CD’s of music.  I had told them I didn’t have any change.  They were like we can make change for you.  (Only thing I had was a $100)  I ended up with a couple of CD’s.  Still don’t know if they are any good cause I haven’t listened to them yet.  I’m sure I provided some entertainment for some surrounding passerbys.  I don’t normally engage in these shenanigans but I think I was happy to be on Bourbon street and was in a general good mood. Plus it’s probably better they are engaged in these activities than others.

I drove around New Orleans randomly outside the French Quarter because the previous half dozen times I’ve been here I’ve stayed almost exclusively in the French Quarter.  I drove out by Tulane and Loyola Universities.  They are very compact and not easy to drive around.  Drove by the Zoo and eventually ended up back at Oak street where the Po-boy festival was that the Saint Louis cemetery tour guide had mentioned.  There was some great live music and a lot of people.

Corey Henry’s Treme Funktet

Had to laugh at this Po-Boy stand, the Silence of Da Hams.  It was a Vegan Po-Boy.

I then wandered back down to Z’otz to see if I could meet Becky (Hyena Hell). She ended up not being there but I took pictures of the bathroom which features her artwork.

I was disappointed I didn’t get to meet her.  Been following her online for about 10 years I’d guess.  But the bathroom is fantastic.  I’ll call it her Sistine Chapel ceiling.  Don’t believe I’d say it’s her Last Judgement because she isn’t anywhere near completing her creative accomplishments.

My last stop before I left was to go to the House of Shock.  I’d heard about this extreme haunted house for a very long time.

I got there about 7pm.  It was $20 to get in.  The haunted house was supposed to open at 8pm.  While I was waiting in line they were playing the Nightmare before Christmas up on 3 big TV’s over a stage area outside the haunted house.

There were creepy clowns walking around.

At 8 O’clock the side show came out.  He super glued a bowling ball to his hand.

He did a couple other acts and over all this lasted for a half hour. Then the major stage display took place.

Just blew me away with the stage man ship for a haunted house. They then brought out a guy who easily weight about 220 pounds and then did a suspension on him in-front of the Haunted House.

He was a real swinger. Anyway the last sideshow act to get in on was if you wanted to staple a dollar bill onto one of the guys as you were walking into the haunted house.

Overall it was about 2 1/2 hours of entertainment for $20. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. I had to laugh at one point in the haunted house because a girl in our group told one of the spooks.  “Ha ha, you can’t touch me.” He then took his index finger and touched it to her forehead. The look on both of their faces was priceless.

I really enjoyed the week here in New Orleans.  I leave you with a picture of one of the things New Orleans covers on their daily news. Which sorta gives you an idea of the type of city New Orleans is. Love it or hate it, definitely it’s own part of Americana.


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