LA, TX, and OK Byway – October 24th to 28th

So took the whole day to relax on Monday the 24th and then on the 25th hooked up and drove to the KOA in Lafayette, LA.

Since I had already been in Lafayette a week ago I didn’t go out and do much this time around. Only stayed one night and then drove to Rusk, TX.

I was surprised on this drive because I didn’t realize that there was a National Forest in Southeast Texas. The Angelina National Forest is beautiful. I’ll have to find  a way to make it down here and stay in Rusk a little longer.

I really liked the Rusk KOA. Well laid out park that is sorta isolated. Had no problems with internet connectivity while I was there. Had pretty sunsets and there was a caravan of GMC classics holding a rally here. These RV’s were only produced from 1972 to 1978.

Again I only stayed here for one night. This is the first leg of my RV journey where I only stayed for one night at successive places. I’ve been driving for a day, take a day off, drive for a day. Again sticking to my 250 – 300 miles a day limit. I think this is a sign that I’m getting a little healthier and that the stress of driving this big rig is taking less of a toll.

The final leg of my journey was to drive up to Lake Eufaula. Stayed a night there and then Friday morning hooked up and dropped the trailer off to have the awning on the RV fixed.

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