Guymon, OK August 10th & 11th

So my second move was from Waynoka to Guymon.  I’ve been trying to keep my moves short here the first few trips.  Getting used to hauling this big rig and figuring out what I need to do between each trip.  The rule of thumb I had heard was the 300 rule, you travel 300 miles or til it gets to be 3:00 in the afternoon.  It’s sum times called the 250 rule.  (250 miles or 2:30)  Usually amounts to 3 – 4 hours of driving a day.  Which is plenty.  Besides if I fill up with gas before hooking up than I don’t have to find a gas station to pull in to with the trailer because I can drive further with a full tank than the rule allows.

As I was leaving Guymon some guys came over and asked to borrow my hose so they could wash off their ATV’s.  I let them do that but when I disconnected the hose I left my water filter attached to the spigot.  So there’s some additional money I didn’t plan on spending but at the same time I’m learning what things I need to do and my checklist is growing.

There isn’t much around Guymon.  I went and had dinner at the Galleon.  You can read my review on Yelp here.

Galleon on Yelp


Let’s just say I was pleased at how such a gastronomical surprise awaited me out in the Oklahoma panhandle.

The other thing that was irritating me was that on my T-mobile phone I couldn’t make any phone calls out there.  Nor could I get on the internet.  I was also trying to troubleshoot the Wirie I had purchased with my unlimited AT&T sim card.  It was working some times but didn’t stay connected.  The park wireless also was spotty at times.  So I spent some time getting my tech worked out.  I had an unlocked cell phone with me that I had from my trip to Brazil.  So I went to Walmart and purchased an AT&T monthly plan card.  So by the time I left I could make a phone call again.

But overall I have to say that I liked Guymon, Oklahoma.  The Corral Drive in theater and RV park is a great place to stay.  Level spacious lots and I wish I’d been there during the weekend so I could catch a movie.


I also think Guymon maybe the last outpost of true Oklahoma as you head West.  There is a Braum’s, Sonic, and a Mazzio’s pizza there.  What more could you ask for.

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