Albuquerque, New Mexico – August 20th

So raced out of Denver to Las Vegas, New Mexico on Friday the 19th so that I would be within driving distance to Albuquerque on Saturday.  Wanted to see presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

2016-08-20 12.35.32-2

I was able to get there about an hour and a half before he took the stage.  He was outside doing interviews and took a ride in a lowrider.  You see when he was Governor in the 90’s he had made a comment that he felt threatened by a “sunk-down” car with tinted windows.  This apparently was misconstrued and he had to make apologies to the Lowrider community at the time.

Well they still support him to this date.  And man were there some impressive cars there.

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2016-08-20 12.40.57

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It was great to see him and Governor Weld speak.  His children were also there and gave additional insight into their dad.  Here’s some video from this rally.

You Tube

I support them because they want to get a balanced budget amendment passed.  That is the only way to get any sort of control on government spending. Additionally, they can choose from the best of both parties to run the executive branch. There won’t be any of this we versus them mentality that has stagnated our government.

I also took a quick stop inside the Indian Motorcycle showroom. I bought a hat.  They had a couple of old classics in there.

2016-08-20 11.58.17

I love Motorcycles and their history but will never own one.  Due to a few incidents I witnessed as a kid. Plus I like the Indian brand. I also like the Redskins and collect Indian art. Not sure if it had to do with being in Y Indian Guides as a kid or growing up part of the time in Oklahoma. But I think people should celebrate different cultures.

My final stop was to look at the Balloon museum in Albuquerque.  I need to decide if I’m going to try and do the Escapees trip to the Balloon festival in October.  I’ve been one day before but I think it’d be a different experience camping out on the grounds and seeing the balloons take off every morning.

2016-08-20 16.02.47 2016-08-20 16.04.34 2016-08-20 16.14.16 2016-08-20 16.35.10

There was also a Mac and Cheese festival going on behind the Balloon Museum but it was sold out. Albuquerque is about an hour and a half from Las Vegas so made for a long Saturday.

Some information on Las Vegas and pictures from Fort Union on my next post.

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