San Antonio, Texas – March 13th to 15th, 2017

So after being in South Padre Island for the first week of Spring Break I headed back up to San Antonio to meet up with my parents and sister for their Spring Break.  I stayed at the San Antonio KOA Holiday.  Which is very close to the AT&T Center.  I was hungry went I arrived so I ventured out to eat.

While I was driving I noticed the San Antonio Quarry.  Didn’t stop there that night but decided to go there the next morning while I was waiting for my Sister to get into town.  This is a great little shopping area with many high end stores.  The place that drew my attention though was Whole Earth Provisioning company. This is a great camping/travel store.  I may have spent about an hour in there.

After that I met up with my parents, sister, nephew, niece and her three kids at Sea World.  It’d been quite a while since I’d been to a Sea World.  But it’s one of my sister Tammy favorite places to go.  However, she wasn’t with us this time.

We saw the Penguins.  Also went to the Killer and Beluga whale shows.  Went on 4 different rides there.  Journey to Atlantis, Rio Loco, Great White Roller Coaster, and Steel Eel Roller Coaster.  Some of them even multiple times.

I love roller coasters but don’t get to ride them too often.  Also, there were a ton of people at the park.  Don’t know if it is always like this or if it was because of Spring Break.  But it was fantastic getting to see the family again.  Although it really hadn’t been that long since I’d seen them. That has been one of the positives about this journey is I’ve gotten to spend a lot more time with family.

The next day before my family left we met up at the Alamo.  Now it’s been since I was a kid when I was last there and don’t really remember much about that trip.  It had also been 20 years since I’d been to San Antonio because of some Yardi software training.  But, I didn’t go to the Alamo at that time.

We then went and walked around the Riverwalk looking in shops.

I thought this looked like a cocoon from Killer Clowns from Outerspace.

The rest of the family took off as they were heading back home.  I went in and took a tour of the Briscoe Western Art Museum. The building is as much a work of art as the pieces that are hung on the walls.

My final stop before leaving San Antonio was to go to the renovated Pearl Brewery. This was were Pearl beer was made before it was sold to Pabst. I always liked that they had a neat symbol message on the bottom of their beer caps. 

I found this great little restaurant there called Cured. They make their own cured meats. I had the Quail legs and a bowl of Gumbo.

I loved the short time I spent in San Antonio. There is still a ton to see here and I hope that I can get down here again while I’m at my parents in Georgetown over the winter.

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