Rockport, Texas – March 4th & 5th, 2017

The drive down from Galveston to Fulton, Texas wasn’t a long one, 186 miles in total. I stayed at the Wilderness Oaks RV resort. Not a bad place overall.

I then proceeded down to the Oysterfest. Some of the best Oysters I’ve eaten in my life.

It’s a fun carnival atmosphere with several live bands playing. Really good music. This is what I imagine Octoberfest in Munich Germany to be like.

The next morning I drove over to Corpus Christi and toured the USS Lexington.

It is amazing to see this city on the sea. Everything a soldier could need is provided. Including dental work. I love that I’m getting to see a lot of the historical planes and ships that were used by the United States.

I then drove around Corpus some more to see what was around. Drove by the Selena statue. Found a neat area of shops that had the South Texas Music Walk of Fame. Then finally ended up at the Texas Surf museum.

My impression of Corpus Christi is that it’s seen better days. The shoreline area which in most cities would be bustling with activity had a lot of vacant buildings and there weren’t that many people around.

I then went back to Rockport and stopped at the Rockport Sculpture Garden.

After this I decided to go back to the Oysterfest for another feeding. At only $5 to get in and $1/oyster that’s really hard to pass up.

Packed a whole lot into 2 days. Especially considering how sick I’d been the past week. Heading down to South Padre Island for spring break next.

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