Denver, CO – Roswell, NM January 9th to 15th, 2017

One of my clients in Colorado needed me to come back and discuss some wireless solutions so I left the relative warmth of Texas.  It is a 15 – 16 hour drive from Georgetown, TX to Denver, CO. So even without the trailer I break it up into two days. This time I choose to stay at one of the most unique motels in the World and one of my favorites. The Blue Swallow

This makes three years in a row that I’ve stopped at the Blue Swallow. The beds are to die for.

After this I put Denver in my GPS and followed where it directed me.

This took me on a new path. Which lead me to Mosquero, NM. Very cool how they have painted the buildings in this town.

Then as I started heading north out of Raton, NM I noticed the wind picking up. When I stopped to fill up for gas in Walsenburg, CO I thought I was going to be blown over. I-25 north of Trinidad was closed to semis. I was very glad that I didn’t have the trailer this day. Between the Colorado state line and Colorado Springs I passed 18 semis blown on their side. My only damage was a piece of plastic window trim on the truck was blown off.

But I made it to Colorado in one piece and was able to get my work done. Additionally, I was able to go to the Denver art museum and see the Star Wars costume exhibit. My friend Michel tagged along.

It was fantastic to see all the costumes and sketch drawings from Star Wars. I was able to see a similar exhibit of the Lord of the Rings costumes at the Powerhouse museum in Sydney Australia in 2007. The original trilogy is the best. The second trilogy (films 1, 2, and 3) while poorly written with characters that weren’t fleshed out were an huge leap forward in special effects and I now see the depth of the costume changes for Queen Amidala.

Then as it was nearing the end of the week a big snow storm was coming in. So I decided to start heading south or I’d be stuck in Denver for several more days and I needed to get back to Texas to take the trailer in to get the underside repaired. So I drove straight south until I hit Roswell. I woke up Sunday morning and had breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe. Delicious food. Also, had an interesting conversation with a guy sitting next to me at the counter. He said he comes in every day and eats a cowgirl. (That’s an item on the menu)

I was fortunate that the UFO museum opened at 9am. Lets me get in to see it and then get back on the road.

I hadn’t realized that the UFO didn’t actually come to Roswell. It was just where the army base is that the aliens were supposedly taken to. The UFO crashed a couple of hours away. So between the Star Wars exhibit and the UFO museum I’ve seen lots of Aliens in the last week.

I loved how there was a Green Lantern car parking in front of the UFO Museum. I also drove by the Carnegie museum in Roswell.

I was checking this out because I’ve been looking for a building to put my collection into. Seems like an old library building would be perfect for my library.  Problem is it costs too much for my current situation.

But overall Roswell is a fun town.

I got out of town around Noon. I then got to Post, Texas about the time it was getting dark. The storm I had left from Denver was right behind me. I think if I had been 15 minutes later coming through I’d been dealing with a major ice storm. But I made it back to Georgetown just fine.

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